facts & figures (english)

about aha

The youth information centre “aha – Tipps & Infos für junge Leute” was founded in November 2000 and offers information for youth. Our target group are young people and their parents, teachers, youth workers and other people, who have interest in youth-related information.

The aha is funded by the town of Ravensburg and the administrative district of Ravensburg and is a social service organization within the field of the non-profit and social profit sector. The information we offer ranges information about education, apprenticeships, jobs and professions to stays abroad, free time activities and health tips. In general we support youngsters in dealing with information and encourage them to broaden their horizon. Other than the personal advice provided by the co-workers in the aha, we also provide a job portal, babysitting courses, international student identity card (ISIC) and information events on various topics.

We also offer international projects and act as sending, hosting and coordinating organization within the European Solidarity Corps. Each year we send youngsters into their ESC and host several volunteers from abroad in the area around Ravensburg.